Electronic Repair


Whether it’s AC or DC, Lisstech repair inverters and drives covering a number of brands such as Siemens, KEB, Allen-Bradley and Control Techniques

Power Supplies

The majority of power supply faults are time related, as components age and need replacing. Lisstech replace those components and fully test the unit before it is returned

Industrial PCs

Computer not powering up? Lisstech perform component level repairs on PCs, with the majority of faults being found on motherboards or sub boards

Circuit Boards

If you have diagnosed a fault to a specific circuit board then send it over to Lisstech with a fault description and we’ll repair it down to component level.

About Our Industrial Electronic Repairs

Whether it’s big, small, low or high cost, Lisstech will repair almost all industrial electronic units, with a free inspection we’ll be able to see whether it is repairable and if it isn’t then our sales staff will find you a replacement as soon as possible.

How we quote a repair

A fully qualified engineer will strip down and assess the unit, hopefully with a fault description from the customer and put together a quote of estimated time needed and parts costs. This will then go to a sales quote whereby other factors such as courier cost and urgency are included. Finally the quote is emailed over and the job awaits acceptance.

Assessments performed

While a repair won’t be carried out before a quote is given a go ahead, the engineer will look into what parts will be needed and where they can be ordered from to ensure the repair is carried out as quickly as possible when a go ahead is given.

Not satisfied with a repair?

If you feel a repair has not been carried out to the high quality Lisstech standard then please contact us and give us feedback. All repairs come with a 12 month warranty, even if you just want it cleaning up, or a quick test after it’s been in stores for a while. Arrange a pick up and we’ll do our part in making sure your process runs smoothly.

Fast, Quality and Professional Electronic Repairs

At the fore of all repairs Lisstech carry out there is dedication to quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness. We want you to be up and running just as much as you do!


These are Lisstech’s basic rates, hourly rates apply to workshop repairs and emergency rates are subject to the repair. However any quote contains a breakdown of costs.

On-Site Rate

Removal or installation of unit
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Off-Site Rate

Hourly repair rate
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Why Choose Lisstech

Lisstech want you to get your process, machine or spares in a like new condition in the shortest amount of time possible. We don’t make promises we can’t keep.

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How We Can Support You

Whether it is on-site removal/installation, supply of new or simply a repair, Lisstech wants to help you get up and running as soon as possible so you have minimal downtime.

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More Information on Your Electronic Repair?

We are waiting to hear from you. Contact us for a free phone consultation on your repair.

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