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Touch Screen, LCD CCFL replacement and PC repairs

Lisstech pride ourselves on making sure we provide excellent whilst reliable repairs on all jobs we take on

Fast Response Time and Quality Customer Service

Communication is a core aspect of what Lisstech is built, so all enquiries are replied to same day and whether a repair is going well or has complications, as the customer you’ll know exactly what the status is

Industrial Electronic Repairs

Components level analysis of all units with top quality repairs being carried out on a range of industrial electronic equipment, like drives, power supplies and PCs

Fast Turnaround on all Repairs

We recognise that in many situations the downtime of having to have an item repaired has a cost to your business, as such we work hard to turnaround your repair as soon as possible so as to mitigate the cost to you.

Our Skills

Lisstech take a great deal of pride in every aspect of a repair, all units are returned to the customer in a high quality condition, both aesthetically and mechanically. As the customer you can ask for updates at any time within work hours and on emergencies, at any time at all.

  • Communication 100%
  • Quality 100%
  • Customer Service 100%
  • Reliability 100%
  • Perserverance 100%
New Touch Screen and Overlay

New Touch Screen and Overlay

HMI Unit

This Siemens unit had a screwdriver smashed through the screen and to some could be considered unrepairable, however at Lisstech we go down all avenues to get the repair done. After parts were ordered and fitted the job was fully tested and returned to site with a 12 month warranty.

CCFL Backlight Change

CCFL Backlight Change

LCD Screen

LCD screens can be stripped down to reveal the backlights lighting up the screen and are replaceable meaning you don’t have to buy a new unit every time the screen goes dark. This is also a very cost effective repair.

Power Supply

Power Supply

PCB Repair

Dead power supply or other electronic unit? Almost all of the time a unit that won’t power up is a perfect repair and can be turned around very quickly, after a full overhaul most units that aren’t in a harsh environment will last 10+ years.

Lisstech Fast, quality electronic and HMI repairs!