Electronic & HMI Repair

Lisstech electrical repairs specialise in the replacement and repair of interface units and industrial electronics.  We offer free inspection and quotation of Human Machine Interface (HMI) units as well as other industrial electronic devices.

Our Services

Faulty HMI Units

Are there lines appearing on the screen?

Broken Screens

Does your screen flicker or is it dull?

Touch Screens

Is the touch screen less responsive?

Wear n Tear

Does the HMI power up each time?

What Services We Provide

Lisstech offer repairs on a wide range of electronics and specialise in Human Machine Interfaces. Covering all major brands and keeping quality at the forefront of all repairs. Common repairs include replacing touch screens, replacing CCFL backlights and component level diagnostics on all electronics.

Lisstech was founded with one objective: To provide reliable, high quality repairs to the industrial automation world whilst saving both time and money.

Regardless of brand or size, Lisstech repair all human machine interfaces to the highest standard possible. Repairs include replacing overlays, touch screens, button membranes and much more.

On all our electronic repairs including AC/DC drives, power supplies, industrial PCs, controllers and much more we perform component level diagnostics to find the fault in the most efficient way and get you back up and running.



Electrical and HMI repairs

Why Use Lisstech?

On Site Removal

Lisstech are happy to come to your site and remove whatever unit you need replacing and after it’s repaired we’ll reinstall it for you


Full Unit Assessment

Lisstech don’t just fix the fault you’re experiencing, we perform full services on all repairs, HMI or electronic, in order for prevent faults from occurring in the future.

Fast Response Time

Lisstech reply to all enquiries same day and aim to offer as much help as possible before your repair even arrives, a quote is sent once an assessment has been performed, once a go ahead is received an engineer starts the repair immediately.

Fast, Quality Repairs

Whether it be big or small, Lisstech provide the same level of dedication and effort for every repair in order to get you back up and running as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of enquiries received are often questions regarding services, repair time and cost or the possibility of on-site repairs. Here are the answers to those questions however any and all questions are welcome and will be answered the day they are received.

What kind of units do you work with?

Lisstech repair any and all brands of HMI’s including Siemens, Allen-Bradley, Fanuc, Rockwell Automation and all others too! Lisstech also cover a wide range of repairs on other industrial units like drives, industrial PCs, inverters and power supplies, again covering a wide selection of brands.

What is your response time?

All enquiries are answered on the same day and where possible the unit requiring a repair will also be picked up on the day of an enquiry, whether it be by courier or delivery to base.

Typical turnaround is 3-7 days but on emergency or urgent repairs that can be 1-2 days.

What process does a repair go through?

After a pick up or drop arrangement has been made and Lisstech has the unit, an engineer will strip down and asses the fault in order to reduce repair time later on. A quote will be emailed and once a go ahead is received then the repair will be carried out as soon as possible and returned to site. Typical turnaround is 3-7 days but on emergency or urgent repairs that can be 1-2 days.

Do you do on-site repairs?

With the type of units Lisstech repair, HMI’s, drives, power supplies etc., Lisstech do not carry out repairs on site as the range of equipment needed to repair them is not to hand. However we offer a site service of safely removing the unit and reinstalling it after the repair is complete.

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