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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I book a repair, but the unit needs replacing?

If the faulty unit that has been sent in for repair is beyond economical repair (BER/Scrap) then this will most of the time be found in the initial inspection. At that point the engineer will let you, the customer, know that the unit needs replacing and will offer to find and supply you a new one as soon as possible.

How will I know how many hours it will take to repair?

When an engineer assesses a unit for repair, he will estimate the amount of time needed and put it in the quote, including parts cost. Lead time on parts or other emergency repairs can slow down a repair, however Lisstech will keep you informed as to the status of your repair or you can call for an update.

What if you are outside my area?

If you are willing to travel the distance, then Lisstech are willing to repair your unit, however as a last resort, couriers can be used to deliver items to and from site.

How long is the repair guaranteed for?

All repairs Lisstech carry out come with a 12-month warranty; if your unit breaks down under the same fault conditions anytime within that 12-month period then send it back for a free repair.

What if my unit is obsolete?

If your HMI happens to be obsolete or very rarely used in the industry then Lisstech would still love to take a look at it, by all means send an email enquiry to [email protected] with any model numbers and an engineer will look into the possibility of a repair. Lisstech can have bespoke overlays and touch screens manufactured to make the repair a success.

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