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Industrial Screen Repairs

All HMI or display units are repairable by Lisstech and come with a 12 month warranty

Circuit Board Repairs

Circuit boards make up all industrial electronic units and Lisstech excels at performing component level repairs

Fast Response and Repair

Make an enquiry and receive a same day response. Give a go ahead for a job and receive a top quality repair

Electronic Repairs

Almost all electronic units are repairable and if they aren’t then we can find you new one from approved suppliers in the same time as a repair. Lisstech excel at repairing many types of units including:

  • Drives and Inverters
  • Power Supplies
  • Circuit Boards
  • Industrial PCs
  • Controllers

HMI Repairs

HMI repairs are the bread and butter of Lisstech with all repairs giving good customer satisfaction whilst being cost effective and reliable. Typical repairs performed are:

  • New Overlay/Button Membrane
  • New Touch Screen
  • New CCFL Backlights
  • Service/Overhaul and Clean
  • New LCD


These are Lisstech’s basic rates, hourly rates apply to workshop repairs and emergency rates are subject to the repair. However any quote contains a breakdown of costs.

On-Site Rate

Removal or installation of unit
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Off-Site Rate

Hourly repair rate
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Lisstech Fast, quality electronic and HMI repairs!